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Heather Philpott

Heather Philpott is an emerging self-taught artist and long-time creative. She grew up in the

southern suburbs of Sydney and 20 years ago moved to the south coast of New South Wales

to build a nest 150 metres from the “Big Blue”, otherwise known as the Pacific Ocean.

Heather has a passion for capturing beautiful ocean moments in acrylic paintings, exploring

the wondrous aquamarines of the water, greys of stormy skies, the secret golds and pinks of

dawn and the soft hues of dusk. She likes to portray the life of the human form engaging with

the “Big Blue” and the feelings of joy, rapture, delight, reflection, peace, contemplation and

freedom that the ocean brings.

She is at home when she is immersed in nature, lost in her garden or walking her dog along

the coastline. Heather is fascinated by flowers, seed pods, driftwood and cloud formations.

These will sometimes sneak into her artwork too.

Heather draws her inspiration from Papa God, the ultimate creative.

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