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"Goatking" by Karolina Venter

"Goatking" by Karolina Venter

Materials: recycled wood, recycled woolen yarn, resin 

Size: 70 cm tall, 30 cm wide 


Goat King is a life size bust of a mountain goat. It is made out of recycled timber which is the internal structure of the sculpture, recycled plastic piping, paper, Sculptamold sculpting compound, yarn, lace, paint and resin.

The inspiration was a bush walk near Kandos. We hiked high up in the mountain, as we came around a large boulder on a tiny track there was it. A huge magnificent mountain goat, with beautiful long fur. We just stirred each other for a few seconds. Than it turned around and disappeared on the steep, rocky slopes.
I find that these European brought animals beautifully adapt to the Australian environment.
Even if they considered as pests now, because they compete native species, I just find them stunning.
The outback is full of diversity and sometimes it is a manmade diversity.
We brought them here for our pleasure with no consideration what they may harm to the natural habitats.
Now these animals in the outback such as brumbies, camels, deers, foxes, boars and goats thrive without their natural predators keeping their numbers in check.
I admire how these magnificent animals adapt and survive in this wild country.

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