Lorena Chivu

Lorena Chivu

Beach Rush Hour

61.5cm  61.5cm



Lorena Chivu is a Romanian born artist now making her home in Australia and living in Wollongong NSW.


Largely self-taught, Lorena fluctuates between styles and mediums. Her repertoire to date consists of mixed media comprising acrylics, resin, ink, charcoal and collage. Lorena regularly participates in workshops and experiments with new techniques and styles.


Lorena believes the possibilities of exploration through creative art allows the viewer to experience the human condition outside of the box, not defined but rather discovered anew. As such Lorena pushes and challenges herself, manipulating her subjects while exploring the essence of environment and coexistence. 


Taking this principle into her creations Lorena’s work is varied and bounces in style from the modern and abstract interpretation of the Australian seaside and shore line seen from above into contemporary landscapes, abstract resin ocean scapes and the stunning attractions of deep rainforests with amplified colour.


Having participated in numerous South Coast exhibitions including Wollongong Art Gallery at the Community Hall, The Old Court House in Wollongong, Kiama Fire Station, the Shellharbour Village Exhibition Space, Lorena is honoured to be represented in November 2020 by Terra Art Gallery where you will find a wide selection of her latest works.


Lorena looks forward to advancing her already well-developed skills further as her creativity evolves.