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Landscape Photography

Ben Broinowski: Welcome


From a young age Benjamin has had a
passion and pre-occupation with photography. Since his
graduation from the University of Technology Sydney in
2018, Broinowski’s work has primarily been involved with
performative photography, exploring portraiture and the
hybridity of expressive qualities seen in painting through the
medium of photography. His work has been partly
biographical in his exploration and representation of the self
within the context of portraiture and notions associated with
being absent and present. Broinowski’s practice spans across
many genres in photography, including an extensive body of
work in landscape, seascape, commercial, still life and
abstract photography. Broinowski’s work is an insightful
introspection of the effect of visceral mark making and the
psychological relationship between place, the individual and
the viewer.

Ben Broinowski: Text


Prints available at $80 - $120 
Artwork available in store or online (shipping costs might apply)

Ben Broinowski: Text
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_D0A8109 (Priime Bounty).jpg


57 x 67 cm framed print

This photograph titled Rapid Reeds was shot on a windy day at Windang, Wollongong. The harsh elements were quite captivating and atmospheric on this day and the aim was to capture the mystery of the vastness and solitude experienced on this epic beach. The contrasting movement of the rustling reeds and the symmetry of the beach and its horizon made for an interesting composition. The absence of human interaction with the environment adds to the mystery of a relationship with the environment, highlighting the notion of both being absent and present at the same time.

Ben Broinowski: Exhibitions
ocean 2.jpg


This series of photographs of the ocean captures the powerful force and magic of the waves as they are building up and swooping before they descend into a crashing wave. The wave is imbued with the magic light just before sunset. The wave’s ethereal beauty is captured in the curves of the waves, the deep blues, oranges and purples and the infinite quality of the depth of the ocean. The wave itself represents two places - that of the surreal and otherworldly and that of the beauty of the ocean itself and our relationship to it. 

This is a very mysterious and evocative photograph that truly captures the surreal like quality of the ocean-scape with a sunset. Its dark indigo to cobalt blue ocean is painterly and abstract. Here we see a series of ocean-scapes. What was once an ocean-scape set against a backdrop of suburban houses is now another place-an alien landscape mimicking  the surface of another planet. It has a dramatic quality of low and rising tides and  is both monumental and meditative at the same time.

Ben Broinowski: Image
_DSC7003 (Priime Neruda).jpg


This impressionist, painterly photograph captures a father and his daughter walking on the beach on a sunny afternoon. The two figures are walking blissfully on the sand. They appear as shadowy smears at close proximity, chatting along the beach. Their voices muffled by the soft winds. The lovely relationship is captured in a very isolated area of the beach. The evocative image plays on memory and relationship in a vast landscape. Here the photographer becomes the voyeur.

Impressions and comments:

This painterly photograph of the beach captures two lone figures. It is a mysterious and evocative photograph. It reminds us of how we all effectively have had the experience of walking on the beach with friends or family or partner. It has an impressionist painterly quality that is soothing on the senses and has a very intimate quality. It also has a voyeuristic quality, in that the photographer is the voyeur as is the viewer. We beg the question, who are the two people strolling on the beach? They could be anyone. It’s a relatable scene in that the two people could easily have been you accompanied with someone you know.  

Ben Broinowski: Image
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