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Landscape Photography

Ben Broinowski: Welcome


From a young age Benjamin has had a
passion and pre-occupation with photography. Since his
graduation from the University of Technology Sydney in
2018, Broinowski’s work has primarily been involved with
performative photography, exploring portraiture and the
hybridity of expressive qualities seen in painting through the
medium of photography. His work has been partly
biographical in his exploration and representation of the self
within the context of portraiture and notions associated with
being absent and present. Broinowski’s practice spans across
many genres in photography, including an extensive body of
work in landscape, seascape, commercial, still life and
abstract photography. Broinowski’s work is an insightful
introspection of the effect of visceral mark making and the
psychological relationship between place, the individual and
the viewer.

Ben Broinowski: Text


Prints available at $80 - $120 
Artwork available in store or online (shipping costs might apply)

Ben Broinowski: Text
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