Paintings & sculptures

  • Dramatic and striking; textures created by chunky oil palette knife and/or fabric alterations

  • Tribal patterns expressing movement & rhythm 

  • Mixed media and techniques : stitch work, resin, airbrush, sculpting materials, etc. 

  • Where possible, loves using recycled materials 

Experimenting across styles and mediums, learning new techniques and ways of expressions are the key elements to my process.

I’ve been creating artworks for as long as I can remember as it has always brought me a sense of calm and release. I have been classically trained, studying traditional drawing and painting techniques from a young age. 

During the past few years, I’ve been exploring landscapes, portraits and sculptures.

Airbrushing surfboards has been so much fun that I applied my air gun to make murals, portraits, landscapes and fantasy visionary artworks.

Karolina loves creating enchanting & dramatic portraits and nudes, using oil, fabric art, mixed media, resin and airbrush techniques.



Art by Karolina Venter

Artworks are available in store and online. 
Prints available upon request.
Shipping available. 
Interest free payment plans available via ArtMoney.