Terra Workshops

Join our scheduled classes or book your group of kids/adults for a fun workshop. 
We accept bookings for corporate and social events, for any groups of kids and adults.


Book Workshops here:

  • From Sat, 15th May 4- 6 pm Learn new techniques on each Saturday

    75 Australian dollars
  • Learn to create a beautiful tea light vessel from clay

    25 Australian dollars
  • Choose a time and date and your favorite activity for your group

    2 hr

    65 Australian dollars
  • Mondays and Thursdays 3.30 - 5.30 pm

    Mon, Thu

    2 hr

    50 Australian dollars


Exciting and fun workshops for kids and adults


Learn a variety of printmaking techniques and explore mark making, color mixing and experiment with tools to produce a series of

Mono Prints and Block Prints.

All materials provided.


Learn a variety of drawing skills & techniques, explore mark making and different graded pencils to produce a themed drawing on paper. 

All materials provided.


Learn the basics of this traditional drawing medium. Experiment with a range of charcoal sticks, blocks & blending tools to produce a rich, tonal landscape drawing.

All materials provided.


Learn the basics of acrylics. Experiment with a range of brushes and tools to build layers of color and texture. Create a simple but visually interesting acrylic painting.

All materials provided.

WEEK 5: WATERCOLOR PAINTING  Learn the basics of Watercolor painting. Explore a variety of brush techniques, color blending and special effects to produce a stunning watercolor landscape piece. All materials provided.


Learn the basic of clay sculpture, focusing on building & carving a clay head. Bring a character to life by creating features and adding detail, working from a chosen photograph. Explore the concepts of proportion and 3D design and enjoy working with this fun material. Suitable for Adults of all abilities. All materials provided.

ppaermaking (70).JPG


Learn to create various artworks using a wide range of techniques in these fun and efficient workshops with an expert tutor


Enjoy an exciting evening workshop whilst learning about composition, color, tones and various techniques

still life (41).JPG


Exciting, fun and efficient creative activities

  • Tutor: Stacy Burgess

  • 2 hour creative workshop 

  • Materials, tools provided 

  • Healthy refreshments provided

  • Environmentally friendly 


In these 2 hour workshops we will bring an exciting activity for each class, where kids will learn about several materials, techniques and artistic expressions on a fun and efficient way with the kind and gentle guidance of Stacy.

The Creative Workshops are focused on learning a range of visual art skills in a fun and supportive space.

The process of making ART is a personal and expressive experience. Connecting with your creative brain is a great way to use your imagination and relax.

We offer a wide range of exciting and creative activities where you can experiment with materials, learn new techniques and skills.

Creative Workshops at Terra Gallery strive to be environmentally friendly, using recycled & up-cycled materials where possible. All our workshops are catered for beginners and those with previous experience.

It’s a great way to meet new people and also a perfect opportunity to make memories with family and friends.

Workshop activities are designed for: Adults & Children, private groups, celebration parties, individuals joining a group, school holidays and term-time art classes .

Materials , tools and equipment for each workshop or class are provided by Terra Gallery. There are also opportunities to bring some individual items with you to help you create unique & personal artworks.

We design the workshops in 6 week blocks and you can choose to participate in each sessions or attend single sessions.

FOR INFO, DATES AND ALL BOOKINGS: www.terraartgallery.com


Over the last two years Stacy has been designing and developing a wide range of Creative workshops to teach both adults & children.  She has already hosted several workshop events and is continuing to offer regular workshops and term-time after school creative classes from venues in Kiama and the local surrounding areas.  She is also available to host / teach private groups, homeschool tutoring and host activities for any celebration events.

Stacy also continues to work on her own Art practice, producing collections of mixed media Art for exhibition & private commission. Her work is available to purchase online.