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Use your vouchers for our workshops! 
Availability extended until the 31st Aug

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Vouchers are accepted on all workshops with Stacy Burgess. Please send us your voucher code when booking workshops.

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Terra Workshops

Join our scheduled classes or book your group of kids/adults for a fun workshop. 
We accept bookings for corporate and social events, for any groups of kids and adults.

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Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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Exciting and fun workshops for kids and adults

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Learn to create various artworks using a wide range of techniques in these fun and efficient workshops with an expert tutor


Enjoy an exciting evening workshop whilst learning about composition, color, tones and various techniques

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Exciting, fun and efficient creative activities

  • Tutor: Stacy Burgess

  • 2 hour creative workshop 

  • Materials, tools provided 

  • Healthy refreshments provided

  • Environmentally friendly 


In these 2 hour workshops we will bring an exciting activity for each class, where kids will learn about several materials, techniques and artistic expressions on a fun and efficient way with the kind and gentle guidance of Stacy.

The Creative Workshops are focused on learning a range of visual art skills in a fun and supportive space.

The process of making ART is a personal and expressive experience. Connecting with your creative brain is a great way to use your imagination and relax.

We offer a wide range of exciting and creative activities where you can experiment with materials, learn new techniques and skills.

Creative Workshops at Terra Gallery strive to be environmentally friendly, using recycled & up-cycled materials where possible. All our workshops are catered for beginners and those with previous experience.

It’s a great way to meet new people and also a perfect opportunity to make memories with family and friends.

Workshop activities are designed for: Adults & Children, private groups, celebration parties, individuals joining a group, school holidays and term-time art classes .

Materials , tools and equipment for each workshop or class are provided by Terra Gallery. There are also opportunities to bring some individual items with you to help you create unique & personal artworks.

We design the workshops in 6 week blocks and you can choose to participate in each sessions or attend single sessions.



Over the last two years Stacy has been designing and developing a wide range of Creative workshops to teach both adults & children.  She has already hosted several workshop events and is continuing to offer regular workshops and term-time after school creative classes from venues in Kiama and the local surrounding areas.  She is also available to host / teach private groups, homeschool tutoring and host activities for any celebration events.

Stacy also continues to work on her own Art practice, producing collections of mixed media Art for exhibition & private commission. Her work is available to purchase online.

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