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Paintings & Sculptures

The featured artist of one of last year’s larger exhibitions, Timothy Smith constantly wows the art world with fresh perspectives and an incredibly polished technique. There aren’t many artists who can do what Timothy Smith does.


Landscapes in various techniques

Prepare to be enchanted by Kathy's unique views on trees, bushes, oceans, beaches and rocks of the Aussie land. 
Striking greens, flowing, organic patterns and various styles, themes and techniques define Kathy's artwork.


Landscape Photography

Broinowski’s practice spans across
many genres in photography, including an extensive body of
work in landscape, seascape, commercial, still life and
abstract photography. Broinowski’s work is an insightful
introspection of the effect of visceral mark making and the
psychological relationship between place, the individual and
the viewer.

Curious Kingfisher.jpg


"I’ve always been a lover of flora and fauna, particularly Australian Natives - taking inspiration from nature, my travels and the incredible bushland surrounding my home.. My aim is to portray a playful yet detailed view of Australia’s magnificent bush, and in particular native birds, that leaves the viewer delighted and curious to dive deeper into the natural world."

Drive to Gerringong


Landscape Paintings of South Coast

Carole’s impressionist art work I contemporary and colourful.  She predominately paints her 
environment, drawing from the vibrant everchanging seascapes and tranquil pastural scenes that 
surround her.  Her use of colour and dark lines gives depth and a sense of journey through her 

Karl Strand image.jpg


Aerial & Landscape Photography

“I crave the thrill and excitement that comes with hanging out an aircraft or helicopter with the doors 

off.  During these moments capturing the land below forever challenges me while fulfilling my creative 

spark every second of each flight.” Karl Strand. 

Karl is a landscape photographer based in Shellharbour Australia, whose passion and purpose 

blossomed 9 years ago. 

Since then, Karl has compiled a number of achievements, such as. Judging The Epson International 

Pano Awards for two consecutive years. 2017 & 2018. In 2018 Karl was awarded the Honour AFIAP 

after winning 65 international awards, including 8 gold medals. He also placed as a runner up in the 

2020 Australian Geographic ANZANG competition. 

The images Karl brings to life are the product of the quintessential process of the creative mind. He is 

forever manifesting images that demonstrate the complexity of photographic medium and the world 

as we see it. 

Throughout his journey many styles have been added to his repertoire. Panorama, Seascape, 

Abstract, Astro, Creative, Minimal, and most recently Aerial.  

Resident Artists: Our Artists
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